Salvador Dali - Salvador Dali Guarantee of Authenticity

Certificate of Authenticity and guarantee

With works by Dali there are always questions about authenticity, should a work be signed, and if it is signed, is the signature by Dali. How can you authenticate the work? You can send the work to someone who will research the history of the work you are interested in and compare the history with the documented history for this work. The person can also compare the signature with Dali’s signature of the same period or from the same set of works. Or perhaps you may have a letter from Dali that says he really did sign the work.

We provide a certificate of authenticity with the work your purchase from the Lockport Street Gallery. The information given below is our guarantee and represents the binding terms of our guarantee and may include more information than the guarantee given in writing. We also provide a written guarantee which will include some, but not necessarily all of the information provided below. If you want certain information provided in the written guarantee, please notify the Lockport Street Gallery in writing or by e-mail prior to purchase.

A Certificate from the Lockport Street Gallery which is based on the following information, plus information on the Lockport Street Gallery web-site, as applicable:

1) Documentary information on the actual item purchased, including the correct title and the signed number of work, the image and sheet size, paper type, signature, paper and watermark information, as applicable.
2) Provenance. That is, what was our source and is there any additional information available regarding the history of this particular piece. That’s correct, we will tell you where we purchased the item. This is important because the source, be it the original owner, or a major auction house provides valuable historical evidence as to the authenticity of the work.
3) Edition information for the work purchased as derived from the published literature. This includes the number of works produced in the edition, the correct numbering for each set and the size of the edition, signature information (did Dali sign the work and how many pieces were signed, what instrument was used for signing), was there a blind stamp, was there a counter signature, what type of paper was used and is there a watermark, and if applicable, are any forgeries of the work noted in the catalogues de raisonne for Dali’s works on paper, as appropriate. Additionally, other information that exists in the literature is given as appropriate.
4) A comparison of the signature with that taken from other works in the same edition or from the same time period, as appropriate.
5) A dated signature from the Lockport Street Gallery that we believe the work to be authentic and will accept return of the work (paid for by the buyer and in the same condition as noted in #1 above) for the price paid for the work.  If the buyer presents documented evidence (paid for by the buyer) from two accepted sources (approved by the Lockport Street Gallery) that the work is not authentic we will refund the payment price of the work of art. Note, the claim must be made within 6 months of the date of purchase for the claim to be recognized.

We feel that the above guarantee provides the best way of giving the buyer transparent evidence as to why we feel an etching or lithograph by Dali is authentic.