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Salvador Dali etchings and lithographs are associated with the surrealist movement of the 20th Century. Salvador Dali produced etchings and lithographs on paper for reproduction using dry point, etching, woodcut, and lithography. There has been considerable abuse in the reproduction of his editions, thus making the authenticity of the work an important factor in buying. The etchings, lithographs, books, and portfolios we sell are guaranteed authentic.

Salvador Dali often published etchings and lithographs as suites containing several individual drawings where he interpreted important works of literature, events, people or places. Examples of these are the “Visions of Chicago”,”Dalinean Horses”, or “Carmen”.

Dali also published lithographs and etchings as illustrated books where he interpreted a literary work and included the text with the etchings or lithographs. Examples are the “Divine Comedy”, “Alice in Wonderland”,”Aliyah”,”Biblia Sacra”,and “Faust.” Some works were published as individual works such as the “Bullfighter”. Finally, he would often autograph and personalize books that were written about him.

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You can reference “The Official Catalogue of the Graphic Works of Salvador Dali” by Field, “Catalogue Raisonne, parts I and II” by Michler and Lopsinger, or other catalogues or references that have been or may be published for more information.

The etchings and lithographs are shown unframed in most cases to best display the image and the entire sheet.

Click on the links above to see all of the Salvador Dali etchings, lithographs, portfolios and suites by that we have available. Click here for our guarantee of authenticity. Note, in general, we often will retain the images and descriptions of items we sell on our web-site for educational purposes.  Also, note that the images shown on my web-site may not be the actual works I am selling.  If I sell a set and get a new one, I may not add new images.  Please ask for the condition of all items you are interested in.

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