Salvador Dali - Les Amoureux (The Lovers)

Salvador Dali
Spanish (1904 – 1989)

Salvador Dali Les Amoureux (The Lovers) – 1979

The Salvador Dali Les Amoureux suite is a set of 3 original color lithographs.  The total edition size is 1195. This is set number I 1 – 350 on Arches. The image size is 22 x 17 1/2″ with a sheet size of 29 1/2 x 21 1/2″. This set is I 205/350.  It comes with a decorated case, text, justification, certificate of authenticity.  The COA is from the Dali Archives.  There is also the original sales receipt.

General Information from the suite

This powerful triptych of profoundly beautiful lithograph is a celebration of love and lovers. “Les Amoureus”, The Lover’s suite, is dedicated to Gala, Dali’s wife__The Earth Mother. Through Gala’s love, which encompasses over forty years of perfect, harmonious union with Dali, he has been able to achieve the ultimate fulfillment of his every earthly desire.  Through Gala’s infinite wisdom Dali has been able to gain the insight to fully comprehend his rightful place in the Universe and the very reason for his being.

Dali, the artist-philosopher, has chosen “Les Amoureux” to symbolically communicate to us his most profound feelings in the realm of love, the ultimate human experience.

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Les Amoureux (The Lovers)