Salvador Dali - Dali Discovers America

Salvador Dali
Spanish (1904 – 1989)

Salvador Dali Dali Discovers America – 1979

The Dali Dali Discovers America is a portfolio of 2 lithographs in a folder with cover and title page.  The image size of the lithographs is 22 3/4″ x 17″, while the sheet size of each lithograph is 29 7/8 x 21 5/8″.  The individual works are Christopher Columbus Discovers American and Gateway to the new world. Dali signed each lithograph in the lower right and numbered in the lower left.  The suite was published by Levine and Levine in 1979 and each sheet has the DALART N.V./Copyright 1979 blindstamp.  According to Field, the plates are presumed destroyed.  The set we have is authentic.  It is in good condition.  It is available for sale.

This is background information for the Salvador Dali Dali Discovers America suite.

Dali’s vision of the heroic explorer Christopher Columbus is a fascinating and compelling statement of the master’s sense of identity as the most import pioneer of all that is new and unknown in modern art.

Columbus’s departure from Spain for the unknown, his quest for discovery, his ardor and passion in his search for new worlds can be seen in many ways as a brilliant analogy of Dali’s feeling about his own efforts in the world of art, as shown in the remarkable new lithograph.

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The heroic figure clothed in armor is carrying a pure white sword and the branch of peach and fruition.  The vibrant red dolor of the clothing can be seen as a symbol of the ardor with which Columbus and his me attacked their mission.  The kneeling, monkish figure to the left is a constant reminder that, although their journey could well require the might of the sword, and that the principal motivation for the exploration was the discovery of vast new treasures and the exploitation of profitable new trace routes, the passion to convert the heathens of any new worlds discovered was equally compelling. Click on this link for additional background information on Salvador Dali.

This is the tirage.

The total tirage is 845.  Arches is the paper for 250 (1 – 250).  Arches is the paper for 150 (I – CL).  Japon is the paper for 100 (I – C).  Arches is the paper for 125 (G1 – G125).  Arches is the paper for 65 (HC 1 – HC125).  Japon is the paper for 75 (EA 1 – 75).  Japon is the paper for 75 (Ap 1 – 75).  Arches is the paper for 5 (PP 1 – PP5).

The Field catalogue number is 79-6 and the Lopsinger catalogue numbers are 1519 and 1520.

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Salvador Dali Dali Discovers America