Salvador Dali - Le Tricorne

Salvador Dali
Spanish (1904 – 1989)

Salvador Dali Le Tricorne – 1958

Salvador Dali Le Tricorne was published in 1958.  The text by Pedro de Alarcon.  This is the portfolio with complete text in French with 20 engravings on wood. The text and engravings are bound in a red cover in excellent condition. The etching size is 21.3 x 14.8 cm and the sheet size is 32.2 x 22.4 cm. This is Exemplaire 46.

This is background information.

Salvador Dalí is perhaps the most broadly known member of the Surrealist movement of the early twentieth century. Sigmund Freud had a strong influenced on Dali . His avant-garde style explored consciousness and dream-like states. He did this through exaggerated landscapes and bizarre or grotesque imagery. Using the means of painting, Dalí explored these ideas with a meticulous hand and inventive wit. He also used sculpture, printmaking, film and literature.
Although known for his role in Surrealism, Dalí was also a seminal example of celebrity showmanship and the cult of personality, a phenomenon that dominates popular culture today. Dalí was a master of self-promotion and spectacle.  He always had a colorful and flamboyant presence with his signature cape, wide-eyed expression and trademark upturned waxed mustache.

This is the tirage.

The total tirage for Salvador Dalí Le Tricorne is 164 + proofs There were 120 (1/120 – 120/120) on Arches in black. There were XX I/XX – XX- XX) on japon in bistro. Plus there were 14 on Arches in sanguin. Also there were 10 HCs.  The etchings were signed in Paris. Defaced plates exist.  This is a small edition for Dali.

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Le Tricorne