Salvador Dali - Alice in Wonderland

Salvador Dali
Spanish (1904 – 1989)

Salvador Dali Alice in Wonderland – 1969

Salvador Dali Alice in Wonderland is an interpretation of Lewis Carols two books.  It comes with one original engraving and 12 heliogravures.  These were based on original gouaches. It comes with one original engraving and 12 heliogravures of original gouaches.  Maecenas Press-Random House, New York was the publisher. The total tirage is 2800 + proofs. There are 2500 of the regular edition on Mandeure paper.  Also, there are 200 (I/CC – CC/CC) of the double edition on Rives and japon.  Finally, there are 100 on Rives.  In the version of 100, Dali signed the lithographs.

Each print, except for the frontispiece, is on the third page of a folded sheet with two pages of text.  Dali signed the frontispiece of the book.  The signature is opposite the title page. We sell the complete book or individual lithographs of which both are available, e-mail for price. Individual lithographs start at $500 with a image size of about 15 5/8″ x 10 1/2″. The etching and signed title page is sold out. The most popular of the heliogravures are “The Mad Tea Party” and “Down the Rabbit Hole.”  These are sold out.

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Here is Background Information for Salvador Dali Alice in Wonderland

This genius of Dali is for “objectifying the subjective.”  This makes the real the unreal.  Thus, giving substance to dreams.  Dali was a master academician, and accomplished miniaturist in his teens.  He was a man who handled highlights and shadows in a way that haloed his subjects.  William S. Rubin of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, called this “ apparitional luminosity.”  Salvador Dali is an artistic law unto himself. He is uniquely himself as was Lewis Carroll, the creator of Alice in Wonderland.

The meeting and matching of these two talents may well go down as an event in both art and literature of the mid-twentieth century. In the mind of Dali, as in the mind of Carroll, the stuff of dreams is the true reality. Everyday life is the shadow-world. You will see this when you read this version of Alice in Wonderland.  That is with the text  in the company of Dali’s fantastic illustrations.  You too will actually live on the safe side of the Rabbit Hole. And when you return, the everyday world will never be quite the same again.

Dalí  uses a number of surrealist techniques in his interpretation of the story.  Alice is represented by a girl skipping rope.  He first painted this image several decades earlier.  Alice appears in every chapter.  Alice appears as this strange, static, mid-motion figure, in each of the twelve illustrations.

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Available for sale are:

Salvador Dali Alice in Wonderland Special Editions are also available. See below to view what we have.

1) The complete set of twelve heliogravures and one etching signed by Dali with an authentication letter from Albert Field. With the signed prints there is no text or case.  It also comes with the original sales invoice from Merrill Chase Galleries.  This is Sold!!!.

2) The complete book of twelve heliogravures and one etching complete with case, text and title page, plus the shipping and storage boxes.  This set is Available.

3) The complete book of twelve heliogravures and one etching complete with case, text and title page, plus an original drawing signed by Dali.  This is Sold!!!

4)  We also have available books from the set of 200.  Dali signed the title page of the set with text.  The set on japon is not signed. There are the regular 12 lithographs with text, plus there are an additional 12 lithographs on japon without text. There are a total of 24 lithographs plus two etchings. The number of the book is XXVIII/CC and the artwork is in fine condition.  The case is missing the clasps.  This is Available.

The books are authentic.

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Salvador Dali Alice in Wonderland as Described by Random House

“Even in your deepest imaginings we doubt that you could conceive of a work more uniquely and breathtaking beautiful. The Limited Edition of this gigantic work of the imagination is restricted to 2,500 portfolios.   Dali hand-signed each title page individually.  Interest indicates that the demand from art and book collectors the world over will far out-run the supply. And small wonder.

In addition to Lewis Carroll’s handsomely printed text, there are 13 works of art. Opposite the tile page is an original Dali etching . This etching is in four colors.  And it signed in the plate. It is printed on Mandeure paper.  Each sheet measures 11/2 x 17 inches. A miniature Alice also appears on each of the 12 chapter headings. Each chapter is graced by its extraordinary Dali fantasy.  The fantasy was conceived as twelve original mixed media illustrations.

Here, the great imagination of Dali had utilized new modern techniques to illustrate the word of Lewis Carroll. Each of these gravure illustrations had been superimposed with an original woodcut remarque.”

The 12 individual Heliogravures from Salvador Dali Alice in Wonderland.

Special Book with a Drawing and Signature by Dali.