Salvador Dali - Les Metamorphoses Erotiques

Salvador Dali
Spanish (1904 – 1989)

Salvador Dali Les Metamorphoses Erotiques- 1969

The book Dali Les Metamorphoses Erotiques was printed in 1969 with a total tirage of 1200. The first 150 books contain an etching titled “La Chimere”, signed by Dali. The etching is 4″ in diameter with a sheet size of x ” and the paper is Rives. The book comes with a red portfolio cover and a black slipcase. The book was published by Edita with the etching by Rigal All of the books contain a miriade of prints, some of which are shown below. For the book, Dali Les Metamorphoses Erotiques, we have both the version with the etching #78. and the versions without the etching, #815.

The images from Dali Les Metamorphoses Erotiques are a little hard to explain. I am thinking about it. A few of the prints in the book are shown below. There are many others.

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Les Metamorphoses Erotiques