Salvador Dali - Dali Illustre Casanova

Salvador Dali
Spanish (1904 – 1989)

Salvador Dali Dali Illustre Casanova, Dali Illustrates Casanova – 1967

Salvador Dali Dali Illustre Casanova book consists of 14 full page etchings with 7 engraved vignettes. Portfolio sleeve with etchings on Rives. The sheets have no margins and are loose as issued with a size of 14 3/4 x 11.  This is #28/390 on Rives. Each of the etchings is signed in the plate. The tirage page is signed. Shown is the slipcase and the full sized etchings. Available

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Dalí was known for his role in Surrealism. He was also a seminal example of celebrity showmanship and the cult of personality, a phenomenon that dominates popular culture today. Dali was always a colorful and flamboyant presence. This is reflected by his signature cape, wide-eyed expression and trademark upturned waxed mustache, Dalí was a master of self-promotion and spectacle. Click on this link for additional background information on Salvador Dali.

This is the tirage for  Dali Illustre Casanova

The total tirage is 390. There is one on Japon nacre. This book contains 5 original watercolor drawings, 5 copper plates. It also contains a suite in silk and one in color. Books 2 & 3 are on Japon nacre. They contain two original watercolor drawings, two plates, a suite in silk, and one in color. There are 5 books (4 – 8) on Japon nacre that contain one original watercolor drawing, one plate, and a suite on silk and one in color. There are 16 (9 – 25) printed on Rives. These books contain an extra suite on silk and one in color. The regular edition of 364 is printed on Rives. There are also several HCs.
Note, for this illustrated book the tirage page is not always signed.

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Dali Illustre Casanova