Salvador Dali - Romeo and Juliet

Salvador Dali
Spanish (1904 – 1989)

Salvador Dali Romeo and Juliet  (Romeo e Julia, Romeo and Julie) – 1975

The book comes in 3 versions.

1 – A set of 10 off-set lithographs on heavy paper with 99 pages of bound text contained in a red, burgundy, or brown silk slipcase with the lithographs signed in the plate.  The sheets have full margins with an image size of 15 7/8 x 11 3/4 in. The edition was published by Rizzoli and Rizzoli in 1975 and is not listed in Field, but is listed in Lopsinger as #1601. The title page of the book is signed by Dali and the photoliths are signed in the plate. The paper contains a blindstamp of Dali’s signature. The total number of books is 999 and they are unnumbered. This is one of 819 with this cover (see below). The photoliths are of quality similar to those found in “The Biblia Sacra.” Each photolith is preceded by a sheet wrapper with the title of the section of the play represented printed in it.

2 – 145 copies printed on laid paper with the Dali watermark. This set is listed as bound in a dark brown goat skin case. Plus another set of 10 off-set lithographs contained in a separate slip case with titled wrappers that are signed by Dali.  The second set of 10 lithographs can be framed without cutting up the book.

3 – 35 books printed on hand made paper with a Dali watermark. The first 35 books were issued to specific buyers and the certificate of authenticity lists the buyer’s name and the shipping box also contains a label printed by the publisher indicating the edition was specifically for the buyer. This edition is listed as bound in a brown Moroccan goatskin case.  The buyer’s name in printed on on of the initial pages of the book.

There is no mention of how many of the books came with the extra set of 10 signed lithographs, bound in a case with tie string matching the main portfolio case. It is know that extra sets have been documented as part of the first 35 book edition and also as part of the 145/819 book edition.

It is known that the publisher did not follow the information given on the justification page as versions of books having 10 extra signed lithographs have been documented in purple and burgundy cases with matching tie string boxes.

Available for sale are:

1) The complete book w/o the extra lithographs as described above. Available!!!

2) The complete book and extra lithographs with a brown case (see below). Available!!!

3)  Extra publisher’s proof lithographs, some signed (see below). Available!!!

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Romeo e Julia, Romeo and Juliet

Lithographs that are the extra set of 10 that are signed

Publisher’s proof lithographs, some signed