Salvador Dali - Tauromachie (Bullfight I)

Salvador Dali
Spanish (1904 – 1989)

Salvador Dali Tauromachie (Bullfight I) – 1968

Portfolio of five lithographs with color on Rives. The sheet sizes vary, and the set was published by Sidney Lucas, New York. Tirage 312. with 300 signed and numbered on BFK Rives, and 10 on japon. The suites were signed in New York City, with 2 for copyright. The lithographs have different numbering and the first four are unnamed. The 5th, which was completed in 1967 is titled Picador. Four of the five works bear the Sidney Lucas stamp. The lithographs are Avaliable as the complete suite or individually as noted below.

Available for sale are:

1) The complete portfolio of five lithographs, loose as issued. Available

2) The individual lithographs as indicated below. Available

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Tauromachie (Bullfight I)