Salvador Dali - La Conquete du Cosmos I & II

Salvador Dali
Spanish (1904 – 1989)

Salvador Dali La Conquete du Cosmos I & II – 1975

Salvador Dali Conquete du Cosmos suite is 12 embossed etchings with lithograph on BFK Rives paper. 1974 – 1977 is the year of publication. Jean Lavigne Paris was the publisher. The set I have for sale are from the edition of CLXXXXV.  They have an image size of 29 1/2 x 21 1/2″  with full margins. The works are signed and numbered. They are in fine condition. We guarantee the authenticity of these etchings.

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Salvador Dalí is perhaps the most broadly known member of the Surrealist movement of the early twentieth century. Sigmund Freud had a strong influenced on Dali . His avant-garde style explored consciousness and dream-like states. He did this through exaggerated landscapes and bizarre or grotesque imagery. Using the means of painting, Dalí explored these ideas with a meticulous hand and inventive wit. He also used sculpture, printmaking, film and literature.

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The edition size of the Salvador Dali Conquete du Cosmos is 585. This set contains both Cosmos I and II. The series includes 195 (1/195 – 195/195) on Arches, CLXXXXV (I/CLXXXXV – CLXXXXV/CLXXXXV) on Rives, and 195 proofs on both papers. The publishers split the publication of the edition between 1974 and 1977 because they felt it would be difficult to sell all of the prints at one time.

1) The complete portfolio of 12 lithographs, complete with case and frontispiece. This is a very fine example of this rare suite. Available!!!

2)  The individual prints listed as available on the Cosmos I and Cosmos II pages. Available!!!

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La Conquete du Cosmos I & II