Salvador Dali - FlorDali (Les Fruits)

Salvador Dali
Spanish (1904 – 1989)

Salvador Dali FlorDali (Les Fruits) – 1969

Salvador Dali FlorDali (Les Fruits) is a portfolio of 12 photoliths with original engraving and embossing. Dali signed each etching in the lower right.  The tirage number is in the lower left. The etchings are available as a complete suite, or individually (see below). They are from the set of 200 on Rives.  They are authentic. Jean Schneider published thesuite.  The edition size is 340 + proofs. There were 200 on Rives, 150 (I/CL – CL/CL) on Auvergne and 35 albums on japon with an extra set on Auvergne or Rives numbered 1 – 35, plus proofs. The image size is 22 1/4 x 14 1/2″” and the sheet size is 29 7/8 x 22″.
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Available for sale are:

1) The complete portfolio of 12 photoliths, complete with case with photoliths tipped in. This is a very fine example of this rare Salvador Dali  suite. Available

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FlorDali (Les Fruits)