Salvador Dali - The Seasons, Les Saisons

Salvador Dali
Spanish (1904 – 1989)

Salvador Dali The Seasons, Les Saisons, Fantaisie des Saisons – 1972

The Salvador Dali The Seasons suite consists of 4 lithographs  It’s distribution was mainly in Japan.  Michler and Lopsinger list the suite as 4 couloured lithographs from 1972 with a size of 70 x 50 cm. They indicate this to be the sheet size. They don’t indicate if the image extends to the edge of the sheet.

The set that I have shown below has sheet dimensions that are about 30 1/8 x 22″ (76.5 x 56 cm) with the image extending to the edge of the sheet. The tirage is 550 on Arches plus a few EAs. There were 350 numbered in Arabic and 200 in Roman Numerals. This is from the set of 200 and this set is CII/CC.  Mitsubishi Department Store of Tokyo published the suite in 1975.   The lithographs are contained in a blue case with justification and a frame designed by Dali for this suite.

Note that Field, in his catalogue, does not show images of this set. However, he mentions a suite on pg. 262 of “Les quatre saisons” in a blue case with image sizes of 20 x 28 cm. This is not that set. What this means is that in Europe, “The Four Seasons” suite as shown below is considered an authentic work by Dali.  Yet, in the US there is question as to whether this is an authentic work by Dali. You will have to make your own decision.

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