Salvador Dali - Les Amours de Cassandre

Salvador Dali
Spanish (1904 – 1989)

Salvador Les Amours de Cassandre – 1968

The Salvador Dali Les Amours de Cassandre book took place in 1968.

The 16th-century poet Pierre Ronsard wrote the book. Dali illustrated the book with 10 full-page separate etchings. Some of these he reworked as drypoint. Additionally, the book includes 8 vignettes with text. The Dali blind stamp appears on the full-page etchings. The image measures 34.5 x 24.4 cm, and the sheet measures 29 x 39 cm. Measuring 14.8 x 10.5 cm, the vignettes contain text. This book is #189 out of 164 and is printed on white Arches paper.

Book 101 is available and it includes an extra set of the full-size etchings in black and white. We also offer book #52, which contains two extra suites.

Background information

Dalí gained recognition for his role in Surrealism. He also set a seminal example of celebrity showmanship and the cult of personality, a phenomenon that dominates popular culture today. Dali always presented himself as a colorful and flamboyant presence. His signature cape, wide-eyed expression, and trademark upturned waxed mustache reflect this, making Dalí a master of self-promotion and spectacle. Click on this link for additional background information on Salvador Dali.

Tirage for Dali Les Amours de Cassandre

The tirage is 349.  The first three are printed on Japon.  They include three watercolors.  Also included is a plate and three extra suites.  The are 5 on  Japon (4 – 8) which contain three separate sheets.  These are black, sanguine, and color.  There are 25 (9 – 34)printed on Japon.  These contain 2 separate suites in black and sanguine.  There are 24 (35 – 59 printed on tinted Arches.  These contain 2 extra suites in black and sanguine.  There are 74 (60 – 134) printed on tinted Arches with one extra suite.  This suite is in black.  There are 164 (135 – 299) on white Arches.  Finally there are 50 (I – L) on Japon without text.

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Les Amours de Cassandre