Salvador Dali - La Femme Visible

Salvador Dali
Spanish (1904 – 1989)

Salvador Dali La Femme Visible , 1930

The Salvador Dali La Femme Visible etching is contained in the book of the same title.  Salvador Dali wrote the book and it was published in 1930.  Editions Surrealistes, A Paris published the book.  It was written at a time when Dali was beginning his rise in the surrealistic movement.  This movement was taking place in Paris.  Thus, it is a difficult read because it was written for surrealists such as Breton or Éluard.  Accordingly, if you look carefully at the etching and convert the image into language, that is what reading the book is like. Click on this link for additional background information on Salvador Dali.

The tirage is 205.  The book contains 1 original heliogravure and 7 b/w plates (photos or heliogravures). The image size is 10 x 7 7/8″.  This is one of 134 on Arches paper.  There were also 10 on japon, 20 on Hollande, 10 on Ingres Rose, 134 on Arches, 4 on Japon nacre and 26 on Arches marked A-Z.

The book has a red transparent metallic cover.  Furthermore, the cover is in good condition.   But there is minor damage to the bottom edge and spine, made with original materials.  Inside the book is in very good condition.  It an astonishingly fresh and bright print.
Note, this is a very rare and appreciated book.  It is one of the first illustrated by Dalì, who also wrote the text.  Hence, it belongs to the “golden age” of Surrealism.

La Femme Visible

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La Femme Visible