Salvador Dali - Our Historical Heritage

Salvador Dali
Spanish (1904 – 1989)

Salvador Dali Our Historical Heritage – 1975

Salvador Dali Our Historical Heritage portfolio consists of eleven drypoint etchings with stencil plus coloring by pochoir. Leon Amiel, Paris, New York is the publisher.  Dali signed each etching by in the lower right.  The publisher numbered each etching in the lower left.  The LA (Leon Amiel) blind stamp is in the lower left margin. The paper is Arches. The portfolio is contained in a sleeve. On the front is a bronze medal.   Dali made the original mold.  The medal production occurred at the Hotel des Monnaies de Paris. The size is 22 1/2 x 15 5/8″ on 26 x 19 7/8.


The tirage is 770 plus proofs.  There are 50 on Japon (SA1/50 – SA 50/50).  Also, there are 300 on Arches (SA 1/300 – SA 300/300).  Additionally, there are 50 on Japon (I/L – L/L).  There are 20 on Arches (HC I/XX – HC I/XX – XX/XX).   Finally there are 400 on Arches (1/400 – 400 – 400).  SA stands for South America.  This is a fairly large edition for Dali.
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Available for sale are:

1 – We have the complete suite numbered 292/400 with case, medal, title and justification pages and artwork.  It has never been framed, fine condition. The suite is Available.

2 – The individual etchings as noted below are for sale. The etchings that are available individually are from 3 different suites. All of the etchings are on Arches paper and are all in fine condition, never framed.

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 Salvador Dali Our Historical Heritage