Salvador Dali - Aliyah

Salvador Dali
Spanish (1904 – 1989)

Savador Dali Aliyah – 1968

The Salvador Dali Aliyah book was published in 1968.  It contains 25 colored lithographs.  The lithographs were taken from mixed-media paintings. These were to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel. David Ben Gurion wrote the introduction.  This is included with the book.  He signed the last page of text.  There is also text by Gerson D. Cohen.  Shorewood Press, New York. published the book.  The total edition is 275 plus proofs.  250 books are on Arches (1/250 – 250 – 250).  There are 10 on japon (A/J – J/J).  There are several sets for the author, artist and publisher.  A light blue hinged box contains the book.  The size of the images is 20 1/16 x 15 11 16″ on 25 x 19 5/8″. The paper is Arches.  There is minor wear and rubbing to  the case, but the text and artwork are in fine condition.

Click on this link for additional background information on the Salvador Dali Aliyah book.  This is a very good source for information regarding the history of the book and of the lithographs.  It includes the basis for each lithograph is detail.

Description from the above reference.

“This title is actually a phrase that appears 20 times in the Bible, “the Land flowing with milk and honey.” It describes the Holy Land promised by God to the Jewish people. The phrase embodies the aspiration of the Zionist dream.
Dali portrays a lush landscape at the bottom of the print.  This is very similar to what one can see as one travels the highway from the airport to Jerusalem. The landscape is surmounted by three figures.   One stands straight and, judging from the imagery, suggests fecundity.  The second one, in a graceful dance position, pours out blessing.  Finally the third one, in medieval costume, is about to play a flute. Between the figures is a deep blue image that stretches up to the heavens which, themselves, contain a dark rain cloud. Indeed, aside from irrigation, the Land depends on rain for its fertility.”

The Field catalogue number is 67-1.  The Lopsinger numbers are 1193 – 1217.

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