Salvador Dali - Tauromachie Surrealiste (Bullfight III)

Salvador Dali
Spanish (1904 – 1989)

Salvador Dali Tauromachie Surrealiste (Bullfight III) (Surrealistic Bullfight) – 1966-67

The Salvador Dali Tauromachie Surrealiste portfolio consists of seven engravings with color.  The suite is also known as Bullfight III or Surrealistic. The suite is printed on Arches. The sheet size is 23 5/8 x 19.5/8″.  The image size of 12.5 x 16 1/4″, published by Pierre Argillet, Paris. The works were conceived from Picasso’s La Tauromachie done in 1957. Each etching is signed by Dali in the lower right, bears the Dali blindstamp and is numbered 81/150 in the lower left. The suite was framed but has no tape residue and was not attached with tape. There is minor toning.  Note, the numbering of the various suites (tirage) varies between Lopsinger and Field.

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1) The complete portfolio of seven engravings, loose as issued. This is a very fine example of this rare suite.  The suite is Available.

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Tauromachie Surrealiste (Bullfight III) (Surrealistic Bullfight)