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Salvador Dali

Spanish (1904 – 1989)

Salvador Dali Biblia Sacra – 1969

The Salvador Dali Biblia Sacra was published in 1969.  Rizzoli of Rome published the book. Dr. Guiseppe Albareto, his friend and publisher, commissioned the work. Salvador Dali created 105 paintings.  The paintings are based on select passages from the Latin Vulgate Bible. Albaretto himself was a devout Catholic. His intention in commissioning Dali for this massive undertaking was to bring the artist back to his religious roots. The work was completed in 1964.  The project resulted in 105 images.  These images represent the artist’s interpretations of verses and events from the Holy Manuscripts.

The religious theme in this book is typical of Dali.  The color and content are also typical.  The book contains 105 lithographs from original gouaches.  This is an illustrated book of the Bible.  To begin with the text is in Vulgate.  The book contains 5 volumes. Furthermore, the lithographs are on a heavy paper.  Additionally, they are signed in the block.  Above all, Dali did not sign the lithographs or books. Notably, the pages of text have the Dali signature as a watermark inside a circle.  Lastly, the paper size is 19 x 13 3/4.”  Furthermore, the printing extends to the margin of the paper.

This is background information.

Dalí was known for his role in Surrealism. He was also a seminal example of celebrity showmanship. Subsequently the cult of personality is a phenomenon that dominates popular culture today. Dali was always a colorful and flamboyant presence. This is reflected by his signature cape, his wide-eyed expression and trademark upturned waxed mustache. Dalí was a master of self-promotion and spectacle..
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This is the Tirage

The total tirage for the book is 1798 plus proofs. The edition consists of 1499 of the regular edition (Luxus, luxury).  There are 199 of the Magni Luxus edition (great luxury).  Additionally, there are 99 of the Ad Personam (personal) edition.  The Ad Personam edition contains an original watercolor.  Field designates the book as 69-3.  Lopsinger designates the book as 1100 – 1105.  Above all, Field notes that if you examine the original paintings and lithographs side by side, the only way to distinguish between the two is the paint on the originals.

Sold Books

The Salvador Dali Biblia Sacra Magni Luxus edition set includes the original prospectus.  This is a glossy paper.  There are several pages in Latin.  There is also an additional plate (#18).  Furthermore, the book includes a certificate of authenticity.   The publisher signed and numbered the COA.  The pages are uncut.  The case is green.  The book has gilt paneled spines with raised bands.   There are floral designs of inlaid morocco.  They come in various colors.  They have inner gilt dentelles.   Also, the slipcases have watered silk with morocco ends. There is fading and minor wear to the spines.  This fading is typical.  Also, the slipcases have minor fading.  Finally, this book is below.  Accordingly, this book is Sold!!!

Available Books from the Salvador Dali Biblia Sacra

The “Luxus” edition with text and 105 lithographs is available.  It is a complete 5 volume set of the regular book . The edition number is 974.  Above all it comes in 4 out of 5 original shipping boxes and the book cases. The art work and text are in mint condition. The five volume set is shown below.  The set is Sold!!!.

We also have a complete 5 volume set of the Salvador Dali Biblia Sacra personal edition.It comes with text and 105 lithographs. However, it does not have the watercolor. So then, the edition number is marked ad personal, “Exemlar appoisite pro LIBERO FERRANTE.”  It comes with a certificate of authenticity from the publisher. The portfolio cases have some minor rubbing and fading. However, the case, art work and text are in mint condition.  To summarize, this set is Sold!!!!

Available for sale are:

1) The complete set of books of 105 Biblia Sacra heliogravures.  This includes one etching complete with case, text and title page.   We do not sell individual prints from the book. Sold!!!

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Salvador Dali Biblia Sacra Lithographs

The 105 lithographs from the Biblia Sacra 5 volumes