Salvador Dali - Moise et Monotheisme - The Famine

Salvador Dali
Spanish (1904 – 1989)

Salvador Dali The Famine – 1975

Salvador Dali The Famine is a single lithograph/engraving. It is part of the Moise et Monotheisme book. The book contains 10 full sheet lithographs with etchings in the center. Art et Valeur in Paris is the publisher. Dali signed the work in the lower right. The Famine is printed on parchment or sheepskin. Sheepskin is difficult to work with because it can shrink depending on the humidity. Thus, when framed, the print may not stay flat, and the edges may actually come out from beneath the matte. This is not the case with this print. It is in fine condition. This print is for sale as part of the complete book.

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Salvador Dali - Moise et Monotheisme - The Famine