Louis Icart - Angel Above

Louis Icart
French (1888 – 1950)

Louis Icart Angel Above

Louis Icart Angel Above is a print from the illustrated book, Le Reve, (The Dream). This is an illustrated book with 8 prints.  The book had a large edition and is fairly common.  The total number is 3000.  You can purchase either the entire book, or one or more of the individual prints if they are available.

The drypoint technique.

Using the drypoint process, Icart could sketch an idea onto a blank copper or zinc plate. For this, he used a diamond point or another sharp tool. Accordingly, the incised lines would then hold and print the ink. Etching lines are created by using an acid to dissolve the plate in areas that are uncovered. The etched lines are typically the same width from one end to the other. Drypoint lines vary in their width, darkness and may actually be missing is some areas. In the first runs of the plate, the edges of the lines with exhibit feathery appearance.

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Available for sale are:

1) For sale is the complete book of 8 lithographs, complete with case, text and tirage page.  We guarantee the authenticity of the complete book. The complete Le Reve book is Available.

2) Separate individual lithographs. These lithographs are not signed and numbered. They are authentic. We provide a COA.

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