Louis Icart LaTourgue

The book by Etienne Aubree with illustrations by Louis Icart, consists of about 2 etchings by Icart, plus text in French. I show only the two illustrations by Icart. Icart was an admirer of Victor Hugo. Schnessel lists the book “Contemplations: La Fete chez Therese by Victor Hugo as containing etchings by Icart. This is a different book which has an edition of 120 which contains two etchings by Icart. One is of the castle and the other is a copy of an etching done of Juilette Drouet. The book was published in 1932 with a total edition of 650 and total number of pages of 190. The page size is 7 x 9 1/4” and the illustrations vary from full page to partial page. The book is available as a whole.

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