Louis Icart - Passionate Kiss

Louis Icart
French (1888 – 1950)

Louis Icart A Final Kick – 1947

Louis Icart A Final Kick is an engraving. It is from the book Le Sopha. Le Sopha is an erotic book. Illustrations in Icart’s erotic books were not signed.  If you find one that is signed, don’t buy it.


Louis Icart was born in 1988 and died in 1950.


The total edition is between 497 on Hollande van Gelder for the A Final Kick engraving. 22 examples are on Japon Imperial and include one original color composition and one sketch, plus one suite on Japon in black and a copper plate. The numbering of these books is 1 – 22. There are other editions of the book. The common edition had 443 examples on Rives.
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A Final Kick