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Tristan et Iseult - 1970

Salvador Dali
Spanish (1904 - 1989)

Tristan et Iseult - 1970

The book was written by Andre Mary. As illustrated by Dali, there are 21 full page color etchings 40 x 26.5 cm on 45 x 33 cm. The full page etchings bear the Dali's initials and the frontispiece is signed. Available are #89 of 125 in English printed on Mandeure paper and #80/125 on Rives in German.

For price and availability E-mail or call us directly at (815) 436 0370..

Portfolio Case

Tristan and Iseult
King Marc
The Fight with Morhoult
Queen Iseult and her daughter
Tristan and the dragon
Tristan wounded
The arrival of Iseult
Frocin, the bad dwarf
Under the parasol pine
The lovers condemned
Brother Ogrin, the hermit
The camp of King Marc
The cavaliers of King Arthur
The queen with silk tunic
The three bad barons
The giant Beliagog
Iseault of the white hands
Iseult and Branguine
Mad Tristan
Tristan's last fight
Tristan's testament