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Jean Pierre Weill Einstein – Contemporary

Jean Pierre Weill Einstein vitreograph is sold and unavailable.  We are sorry. We cannot obtain any more of these.  Our store does have others that are still available.

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Jean Pierre Weill Vitreography is a process of drawing and painting on glass matrices. In 1992, Jean-Pierre Weill had an innovative idea. That is painting in three dimensions by arranging different parts of a single image on multiple levels of glass. There can be one or more plates of glass with painted designs. This gives the art a truly three dimensional appearance. Jean-Pierre Weill discovered that he could use this technique, which he called “vitreography”™ on a variety of themes. These include portraits and still-lifes to landscapes, fantasy, and Judaica.

Jean Pierre Weill Einstein from the gift set collection comes with a gift box. The Jean Pierre Weill Einstein is an open edition work. Art from the gift set collection can be hung on the wall. Or it has an easel backing to sit on a table. Jean Pierre Weill Vitrographs show the artist’s personality and creativity and come 8 x 10″ framed.