Salvador Dali - Four Dreams of Paradise - Gala

Salvador Dali
Spanish (1904 – 1989)

Salvador Dali Gala – 1973

Salvador Dali Gala is a lithograph. It is from the illustrated suite “Four Dreams of Paradise.” Zeit Magazin/Observer Grapholith Schneider published the suite. Dali hand signed the lithographs in the lower right. The suite contains 4 full sized lithographs. We are not splitting up the suite, so this lithograph is available only as part of the complete suite. This lithograph is available and is authentic.

There is confusion between the catalogues as to whether this is a work by Dali. The European catalogue indicates it is, the American catalogue indicates there is no proof that the original is a work by Dali. Thus, if you are European, this is a work by Dali. If you are an American, it’s not so clear.

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Salvador Dali - Four Dreams of Paradise - Gala