Louis Icart Les Chansons de Bilitis

The book by Pierre Louys with illustrations by Louis Icart, consists of 22 illustrations hand colored by Albert Jon. The text is in French. As shown in the images, the illustrations are both partial and full size. The book was published in 1949 with a total edition of between 1730. The book by Louys contains 5 volumes. These are:
Volume I: Aphrodite, illustrated by J. A. Conte
Volume II: Chansons de Bilitis, illustrated by Louis Icart
Volume III: La Femme et le Pantin, illustrated by J. Traynier
Volume IV: Les Aventures du Roi Pausole, illustrated by de Beauville
Volume V: Poemes, Avant-propos de Yves Gerard le Dantec, illustrated by Berthomme Saint-Andre
I have shown only the illustrations by Icart. In this book, Icart explores freely the subject of lesbian relationships through his colorful, playful, and erotic images. I have several sets of this work and will sell the entire set, separate Volumes, or individual illustrations from any of the Volumes. All of the books and illustrations are in fine condition, and the prices of the individual works by Icart are listed next to the image.

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Available, as either the complete book with text, or as individual etchings.

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