Louis Icart Picture Framing

Louis Icart – French (1988 – 1950)
Picture Framing

We provide custom picture framing done by one professional with 25 years experience.

1. Picture frames by Larson-Juhl, Williamson Company and Max Moulding
2. Mattes by Bainbridge and Artique
3. A full range of framing supplies.
3. Original or new frames.


We help you design your framing.

1. Will provide Icart buyers with photos of mouldings and mattes for your work;
2. You give us an idea of the style, we will send you images;
3. See a frame style you like, send us an image.
4. Paper conservation of old and antique prints and works on paper.
5. We will use vintage or new frames.


Our pricing policy for picture framing is pretty simple. We will sell you the picture framing materials we use at our cost (that’s right, no 5x mark-up so that when you bring in a coupon for 50% off you are still paying 2.5x mark-up), plus a labor charge of $70/hr. Most works by Icart take 1 – 2 hours.

We would love to charge as much as the malls do and the fast places and framing lobbies do, but we can’t. It’s too much.
Conservation picture framing materials (glass, mattes, and backing board) at cost!

Call us for more information.

To view the frame examples, click on thumbnail below.