Salvador Dali - Hippies - The Pagoda, La Pagode

Salvador Dali
Spanish (1904 – 1989)

Salvador Dali The Pagoda

Salvador Dali The Pagoda is an engraving from the Hippies suite. Graphic Europa Anstalt published the suite in 1969. The edition is 245 + proofs which is small for Dali. Many times the suite was split so the buyer could purchase a single etching from the suite. We are not splitting the suite. However, the complete suite is available.

Gold dust and conservation for Salvador Dali The Pagoda

Gold dust is part of the added color for etchings in the Hippies suite. It appears on many of the etchings. This is important because many of the etchings sold separately. Protecting the artwork from the sun is important. Unprotected, the etching likely will be aged toned or matte burned. To remove the toning requires work. The paper soaks in water. The gold dust becomes detached from the paper. It will float away. While it may be possible to replace the lost gold dust, the process is time consuming and likely will not match the original. Also, the color dissolves. If this happens, the color has to be added. This alters the etching. Essentially, you are not purchasing an original etching.
Thus, if you are purchasing an etching from the Hippies suite, ask if the paper has been conserved.

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Available for sale is

1) The complete portfolio of 12 drypoint etchings is loose as issued. This is a very fine example of this rare suite. This set is Available!!!

2) The complete portfolio of 11 drypoint etchings is loose as issued. The etchings are in a print case. The set is including Salvador Dali The Cosmonaut is Available.

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Salvador Dali - Hippies - The Pagoda, La Pagode