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Casanova - 1967

Salvador Dali
Spanish (1904 - 1989)

Dali Illustre Casanova, Dali Illustrates Casanova - 1967

14 full page etchings with 7 engraved vignettes. Portfolio sleeve with etchings on Rives. The sheets have no margins and are loose as issued with a size of 14 3/4 x 11. Tirage 390, this is #28/390 on Rives. Each of the etchings is signed in the plate. The tirage page is signed. Shown is the slipcase and the full sized etchings. Available

Note, for this illustrated book the tirage page is not always signed.


Signed Tirage Page

A - Six Eggs

B - Ants, Nails & Flies on Nude

C - Nude Couple, Large Serpent

Large Flask

Cut Cucumber

Bird on Tounge

Eye Watches from Peephole

Girl and Pig

Pear and Nude Back

Oysters and Nude

Nude with Snail Breasts

Cup of Chocolate

Nude and Lobster

Girl on Rhinoceros Horn