Louis Icart Felicia ou Mes Fredaines

The book by Andrea de Nerciat with illustrations by Louis Icart consists of 20 full page color etchings and 8 culs-de lampe. It was published in 1947 with an edition of 530 printed on Arches. The book relates sexual escapes of the eighteenth century French court and is particularly graphic. The total number of pages is 188 and the text is in French. The page size is 8 3/4″ x 11″ and the full-page plate size is 5 3/4″ x 7 3/4.” The indiviual etchings are priced below and all are in fine condition. Note, that only the first etching in the book “Felicia in Pink” is signed.   It is signed in the plate. Icart did not, as a rule, sign his bookplate etchings.

We also have available complete books of the work. Depending on the numbering of the book, it will contain extra etchings, an original watercolor drawing, or a copper plate used for printing the etchings. We have books with

1 – the regular edition with 25 color etchings.

2 – a book with the regular colored version of the etchings, 25 etchings in sepia and an original watercolor drawing. There are 50 etchings total.

3 – a book with the regular colored version of the etchings, 25 etchings in sepia, one set of etchings in b/w, an original watercolor drawing, a copper plate, and special binding.

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Available, as either the complete book with text, or as individual etchings.

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