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Dix Recettes d'Immortalite - 1973

Salvador Dali
Spanish (1904 - 1989)

Dix Recettes d'Immortalite - 1973

11 engravings some with color. The engravings with text, title, and justification page are enclosed in specially designed plexi-glass box with a telephone handle which is in excellent condition. The sheets have full margins, loose as issued with a large size. This is one of 210 copies on Auvergne published by Audouin-Dexcharnes, Paris. Each of the etchings is signed and numbered with the watermark on the verso.

Available as the complete suite only. Avaliable!!!
E-mail for price and condition report. Call us at 815 436 0370 for more information.

Amazing Portfolio Box with Telephone

L'homme ressuscxite par l'holographie de l'ecureuil

Epitaphe d'immortalite

Immortalite du Dalianue Galae

Anamorphose des anamorphoses et tout est hologrammorphose

Immortalite tetraedrique du cube

Immortalite de l'imperialisme genetique

Zootrope et Tour Coulee

La Sainte Trinte, Sainte persistance de la memoire

Le systeme Caga I Menja

Immortalite de Castor et Pollux

Immortalite sterroscopique et stereochimique de las monarchie

Immortalite sterroscopique et stereochimique de las monarchie